Nexus One – Aggiornamento CyanogenMod 5.0.6 N1

* Ability to move installed applications between internal storage and SD (from ChrisSoyars)
* Added libncurses, irssi, htop, bash, nano and powertop.
* Added option to disable USB Debugging notification.
* 5 column launcher drawer (from Kmobs and ChrisSoyars)
* Animated GIF support in the browser
* Updated translations
* Yahoo mail can be used over wifi (from Invader@AllDroid)
* Kernel is now built from source and installed properly (from Android-X86, tweaked by Wes Garner and Chris Soyars)
* New camera features (antibanding, focus mode, jpeg quality) from CodeAurora
* Battery percentage meter fix from ChainsDD
* Fixed some bugs in Dropbear and added dropbear-keygen to generate host keys


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