Il nuovo firmware è stato rilasciato il 14 ottobre (NEX-5V3_Update1010a.exe – 57,2 MB).

Elenco dei miglioramenti:

– Addition of the function to customize soft keys. It is now possible to customise the functions of two soft keys mounted on the camera’s rear panel.
– Addition of the [Menu start] function. When ‘Menu’ is selected, there is now the option to display either the main menu screen or the last parameter set.
– Improvement of the operability of the [MF Assist] function. An enlarged image portion can now be displayed on screen with user-selectable duration while in MF (Manual Focus) Assist mode. MF Assist operation has also been improved.
– Improvement of the operability of menu item selection. The menu operation has been simplified.
– Maintaining the aperture setting in the movie recording mode. HD video can now be shot while maintaining a constant aperture setting.
– Support for the autofocus function with A-mount lenses

Link al download ed alle istruzioni per l’aggiornamento: SIto Web
Link al nuovo manuale :