3 November, 2011 – Canon and RED Scarlet Video Announcements

3 November, 2011 – Canon and RED Scarlet Video Announcements:



Canon has announced its C300 video cameras in Hollywood today. At some US $16,000 its designed for professional TV and motion picture productions. It will be available in two versions, one with EOS mount lenses and one for PL mount. Neither version has AF or AE.

This is a 4K camera with a new 8.3 Megapixel Super-35mm CMOS sensor recording MPEG2 at 50Mbps 4:2:2 and 1080p30. It does not have raw, or dual link SDI 4.4.4 capability.

But the two C300 cameras aren’t the only new video models coming. Keeping the DSLR form factor Canon has pre-announced a full frame 4K camera. No other info other than that and the above picture at this time.

RED Scarlet

After a three-year-long gestation period RED announced the Scarlet-X today, and it was no coincidence that its introduction was on the same day as Canon’s big news. RED definately wants you do draw comparisons.

Remakably the Scarlet has essentially the same specs as the EPIC, except with lower data rates. All EPIC accessories work on the Scarlet. The price is under $10,000. Fully kitted out and ready to shoot, except for the Canon EOS lens of your choice, a Scarlet-X will likely cost about $13,000. Shipments begin within a few weeks. 

Scarlet-X shoots raw video with 4K resolution at 24fps, just as the EPIC ($28,000). And, oh yes, Scarlet can shoot still photographs at 5K resolution (5120 x 2700 which is 14 Megapixels) at 12fps. The new camera uses REDCODE RAW at 50MB/sec (440 Megabits/sec). Lens mount? Canon EOS, with a slightly more expensive PL mount version coming. Sweet.

Sean Reid, a long-time contributor to this site, has just published an extensive field review of the Ricoh GR IV pocket camera on his site http://www.reidreviews.com

I briefly handled this model while at the PhotoPlus show in New York City and it seemed promising though very specialized. Asked to describe this new camera in a nutshell Sean writes: “With a small sensor and a fixed prime lens – having an EFOV of about 28 mm – this is indeed a specialized camera. But I think it may be the smallest digital camera on the market that a serious photographer might take seriously.” Reid Reviews is a subscription site but unique in its depth and perspective.


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