Top Android phones beat iPhone 4S in camera test

Top Android phones beat iPhone 4S in camera test:


If you ask the average iPhone fan why they prefer their device over an Android phone, chances are that the superior camera will be in their top 3 answers. You’d think the same would go for the iPhone 4S, as one of the few things actually updated this time around was the camera.

Well, PC World has put the iPhone 4S to the test against a few high-end Android phones. The results may surprise and dismay any iPhone-loving shutterbugs out there.

PC World pitted the iPhone 4S against the iPhone 4, the Samsung Galaxy S II (Sprint version), the T-Mobile MyTouch 4G Slide, the Droid Bionic and the HTC Sensation 4G. The way they conducted the test was to take sample images and videos from the phones on the same tripod under the same lighting conditions. The photos were printed out and judged by the panel based on exposure quality, color accuracy, sharpness and distortion. The videos were judged based on the performance in normal lighting and low light with audio quality also factoring into the final scores.
In the still-image category, both the T-Mobile MyTouch Slide 4G and the Samsung Galaxy S II bested the iPhone 4S by a slim margin. The HTC Sensation 4G, Apple iPhone 4 and Droid Bionic came in several points below that top group.
The video quality test saw the Samsung Galaxy S II come out significantly ahead of the other phones, and it even outperformed the point and shoot camera they were using as a control for the tests. Next in line was the HTC Sensation 4G, followed by the iPhone 4S finishing in 3rd again. The Droid Bionic just edged out the iPhone 4, and the T-Mobile MyTouch Slide 4G finished in last.
Obviously these are human beings judging the photos and videos, so you could call it a subjective test. But as far as a scientific and unbiased approach is concerned, this is the best I’ve seen so far.

Hit the source link to view the full scoring breakdowns for all the devices as well as the actual test photos and videos.

The moral is: if you’re looking to replace your point and shoot with your next smartphone, it looks like Samsung’s Galaxy S II (and perhaps whatever else Samsung may have coming) should be at the top of your list.


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