Google Maps 6.0 hits the market with Indoor Navigation

google maps

Google Maps has been one of Android users’ best friends. Even before Android, this nifty service has been a life-saver for all of us, letting us know our whereabouts and how to get to our destinations. Though getting to a place is itself an important task, sometimes buildings are so huge (airports, malls, etc.) that we tend to get lost in them. Wouldn’t it be great if Google could help us navigate inside buildings as well? Well, the new Google Maps update is here to do just that!

As a celebration of Google Maps for Mobile’s sixth birthday (earlier this month), the Search Giant has released version 6.0 of what could be our most productive application. With this new update, Google has given us Indoor Navigation, along with a toolbar to switch between features, and a new Places home screen.

That is right, my friends. You can now use Navigation inside many public buildings. (For a full list of current available locations, click here). Finding your way around the airport, mall, etc. will be as simple as a few taps. No more asking around and walking endlessly to find a restroom or a certain area of the building. Google Maps now tells you where you are, inside of the building, even including the floor on which you are located. Hopefully most popular buildings will be available for Indoor Navigation shortly. We will never be lost again.

Aside from indoor navigation, Google has thrown in a couple of other new features in the new Google Maps update. One of them is a new tool bar, meant to make it easier to jump from feature to feature. Simply hit the drop-down menu at the top, and Google Maps will display all the different features that can be accessed. (See image in the left-side).

The third new feature is a new Places homepage. It’s what you can expect from Google Places. Want to look for a good place to go around your area? Simply check Google Places, and it’ll find the closest locations to whatever it is you would like to find (restaurants, cafes, bars).

Head to the Android Market and download this update! The only requirement is that you have Android 2.1 or above, so you have to have a very rare device for this update to be incompatible.  Don’t forget to check out the videos, and let us know what you think!

Have you guys tried the new features yet? I believe Indoor Navigation will definitely make a huge difference in our everyday lives. Are you guys looking forward to using it?


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