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Microsoft Launch Windows Phone on Android and iOS + Sales News

Posted on Windows 7 News & Tips

In what can only be considered a very clever move, Microsoft have launched a Windows Phone emulator for Android phones and iPhones that runs in the handset’s web browser.  The emulator which can be found by pointing your smartphone at seems to run quite effectively as tested by Engadget and uses your phone’s data to show you what your life would be like in Windows Phone instead.

As a way of providing a try before you buy experience it’s certainly a good one, though obviously not the whole operating system experience is simulated.  Certainly the phone functions, calendar and messaging features work which is enough to give people a good idea how and why they might like Windows Phone.

How popular this will be and how many people will actually prefer Windows Phone after using is remains to be seen.  The opportunity to try the Windows Phone OS on your own handset and in your own time however is both very compelling and very clever, and the fact that it’s just a website you visit and not an app gets around further barriers for Microsoft.  In all, the company frankly ought to be applauded for doing something genuinely innovative for a change.

android wp7 demo Microsoft Launch Windows Phone on Android and iOS + Sales News

In other Windows Phone news it has emerged that the number of Windows Phone Facebook users grew by 100,000 in the first two weeks of this month.  Estimates say that this could mean up to 600,000 Windows Phones were purchased in that period.  This is three times the amount sold in the previous two weeks.

The data, which has been released by WMPowerUser shows a very steady increase month on month of Windows Phone Facebook users.  HTC are also reporting that their new 4.7 inch Titan, which I reviewed and loved a few weeks ago is currently out of stock and WPCentral say that the Samsung Focus S is currently on back order from AT&T.

All of this points to very strong sales for Windows Phone since the release of the Mango update and subsequent media blitz.  None of it is actual proof of anything however and we’ll need to wait for actual sales figures to be released by Microsoft and the handset manufacturers before we will know anything for sure.


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