Sony has released the long-rumored firmware v1.04 update for its A77 and A65 SLT models. The updates add two more lenses to the list that the cameras can correct for and also promise to improve image quality, response time and ‘usability.’ The updates are currently available in Asia and Europe but haven’t been formally announced in the US. Following our reviews of the A77 and A65 we will install the latest firmware and update the reviews as necessary.

New Firmware v1.04
  1. Lens compensation data for SAL1680Z and SAL16105
  2. Improved response of controls + dials
  3. Improved quality – addresses rare interference experienced during 24p video recording and occasional flash exposure problem when using ADI mode
  4. Improved usability – improvement of memory recall mode, fix for delayed turn off, minor adjustment to AEL button operation, enable front dial to adjust ISO Auto limits, enable rear dial for Program shift.