Free Microsoft Word 2010 Step by Step Tutorial Videos

“Following my article yesterday with links to the 5½ hours of Windows 7 Step by Step videos I made for Microsoft Press, and that have now been released for free. Here is 4½ hours of video I made of the Microsoft Word 2010 Step by Step book. There are 16 video lessons in total that do on occasion refer to the practice files that come with the book. These are not always necessary to follow the exercises however. All videos are available in HD.”

21:26 Exploring Word 2010 (Chapter 1) by OreillyMedia
21:15 Editing and Proofreading Text (Chapter 2) by OreillyMedia
27:09 Changing the Look of Text (Chapter 3) by OreillyMedia
17:35 Organizing Information in Columns and Tables (Chapter 4) by OreillyMedia
18:38 Adding Simple Graphic Elements (Chapter 5) by OreillyMedia
19:28 Previewing, Printing, and Distributing Documents (Chapter 6) by OreillyMedia
11:56 Inserting and Modifying Diagrams (Chapter 7) by OreillyMedia
12:35 Inserting and Modifying Charts (Chapter 8 ) by OreillyMedia
13:40 Using Other Visual Elements (Chapter 9) by OreillyMedia
11:19 Organizing and Arranging Content (Chapter 10) by OreillyMedia
13:30 Creating Documents for Use Outside of Word (Chapter 11) by OreillyMedia
11:02 Exploring More Text Techniques (Chapter 12) by OreillyMedia
11:54 Using Reference Tools for Longer Documents (Chapter 13) by OreillyMedia
21:07 Working with Mail Merge (Chapter 14) by OreillyMedia
16:52 Collaborating on Documents (Chapter 15) by OreillyMedia
14:37 Working in Word More Efficiently (Chapter 16) by OreillyMedia



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