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MIUI 2.2.10 Developer (Android 2.3.7)

– Added support to disable the screen touch keys (m key or drop-down notification bar switch settings. Exit the method: Hold down the home at the same time press the power button to reboot automatically exit) View details

– Repair SMS attachment menu, click Add Subject invalid
– The time to repair 1970-1-1 session can not be deleted

Lockscreen, status bar, notification bar:
– Optimize the system default lock screen style (to be re-applied to the default theme)

– The new lock screen personalization, support for custom (subject to the lock screen to support a lock screen)

File Manager:
– Optimize the long-press menu to view the file details and complete show file directory
– Multiple choice mode optimized to avoid delays into the folder
– Delete the file classification page in the “other” classification

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