Applicable Models: SLT-A99V, SLT-A99VPREM, SLTA99VZEISS

Improvements after firmware upgrade

  1. Expanded the number of Dual AF function compliant lenses:
    SAL24F20Z, SAL85F14Z, SAL135F18Z, SAL70300G, SAL70200G, SAL35F14G, SAL1635Z, SAL100M28, SAL50M28, SAL85F28, SAL300F28G, SAL70400G2
  2. Expanded the number of automatic compensation compliant lenses:
    SAL100M28, SAL50M28, SAL85F28, SAL18200, SAL20F28, SAL28F28

Collegamento alla pagina di download con le istruzioni per l’installazione dell’aggiornamento: