BlackBerry Z10

La versione 9 del Traveler è direttamente compatibile con lo Z10 quindi si potrà installare il profilo di sincronizzazione in automatico, per quanto riguarda invece la versione precedente 8.5.3 bisogna procedere ad una configurazione manuale.

(se avete sono problemi nel comprendere la traduzione avvisatemi nei commenti).

  1. Open the “Setup” application on your Blackberry Z10
  2. Under the “Get Connected” section there is an icon labelled “Accounts“. Tap this.
  3. A menu at the bottom of the screen is shown. Select the “Add Account” option
  4. The “Add Account” screen is shown. On the menu at the bottom of the screen tap the “Advanced” option
  5. The “Advanced Setup” screen is shown. Tap the option “Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
  6. The “Add Account” form is displayed.
  7. Description. Whatever you type here will be seen on your Blackberry Hub
  8. Leave the “Domain” field BLANK
  9. In “Username” – enter your iNotes user name
  10. For “Email Address” enter you notes SMTP email address
  11. For “Password” enter your iNotes password
  12. In “Server Address” enter the public URL of your traveler server
  13. In “Port“, enter the port that traveler will use. We configured “443” in our system
  14. If using SSL then turn on the SSL option
  15. If using a VPN then turn on the “Use VPN” option
  16. Ensure that you turn on “Push
  17. Leave “Sync Timeframe set to 30 days
  18. At the top of the screen click the “Next” button

The handset will attempt to synchronise with your traveler server and you will get a message saying “Checking for support services and policy information“.
Behind the scenes traveler will create a profile for you.
You may get some messages about https certificates.
If you do click “Continue” past those.
At the next screen entitiled “Add Account” specify what things you want to syncrhonise (Sync Emai, Sync Contacts, Sync Calendar, Sync Tasks, Sync Memos) then on the top of the screen click the “Done” button.
You will get the message “Saving and verifying your settings”.
Again you may get a “Provider Identity Not Verifiable” message if there is an issue with https certificate again, click “Continue”.