We reveal the best-kept secret about the new family of lenses for mirrorless systems cameras

Dal Blog Zeiss:

The first two focal lengths in the Touit family will be the Touit 2.8/12 and Touit 1.8/32. The names of the optics concept that have been used in product names until now (for example Distagon or Planar), as well as the T* symbol denoting the anti-reflective coating, will continue to appear on the front ring of the lenses. “With the Touit series, we are starting a completely new naming convention,” explains Martin Dominicus, Head of Marketing of the Carl Zeiss Camera Lens Division. “Our lenses will not only be unmistakable for their imaging performance, manageability and product design. Their name will also give this family of lenses a very unique identity.”

We reveal the best-kept secret about the new family of lenses for mirrorless systems cameras | Camera Lens Blog.

APSO-NEX7 Underwater Housing for the Sony DSLR NEX-7

Features an incredibly smooth insertion of the bayonet port, the triple-dial system for quick access to function control, as well as a choice of viewfinders! To fully access the 24.3 megapixel capability, Since the “NEX7 user”demanded high definition, we arranged the option which user a single focus lens by MF!


Questo produttore ha in cantiere diverse cover che permetteranno di fotografare anche in acqua con le fotocamere Nex, il prezzo non è ancora stato comunicato, la disponibilità (in 14 colorazioni) è prevista per agosto/settembre.

Per ulteriori informazioni:

Sony E-mount adapter LA-EA2

Adattatore per sistema di fotocamere compatte (NEX); Compatibilità AF con gli obiettivi innesto A (DSLR e SLT)

  • Prova gli obiettivi innesto A con il tuo corpo della fotocamera NEX α
  • AF continua per foto o video
  • Compatibile con la maggior parte degli obiettivi innesto A (DSLR e SLT)

Sony LA-EA2

Ho finalmente ricevuto anche l’adattatore, ora la mia Nex è davvero un oggetto versatile, pronta a sfidare ogni occasione 🙂

Per maggiori informazioni: http://www.sony.it/product/dsl-lens-accessories/la-ea2

In prova la fotocamera Sony NEX-C3KS

Grazie al programma Tester di Sony per alcune settimane avrò a disposizione questa fotocamera, la Sony Nex-C3KS (versione in kit con ottica 18-55 f3.5-5.6 stabilizzata).

In questi giorni pubblicherò alcuni post per indicarne le funzionalità.
Cercherò di utilizzarla il più possibile in diverse occasioni per poterne valutare un uso reale, di tutti i giorni.

Se avete qualche richiesta o curiosità in merito a questo modello contattatemi.
Continua a leggere “In prova la fotocamera Sony NEX-C3KS”

dpreview: Sony NEX-7

Our in-depth review of the Sony Alpha NEX-7.

With its 24MP APS-C sensor and high-resolution EVF encased in a compact body with lots of external controls, the NEX-7 is one of the most desirable cameras of the year for the enthusiast photographer – on paper at least.
But at a body-only price around $1000, it’s far from cheap.
So does it live up to the expectations and hype?
Read our 28-page in-depth review to find out.

Specifiche tecniche

• 24MP APS-C CMOS sensor (shared with the SLT A-77 and A-65)
• ISO 100-16000 (100-1600 in Auto)
• Built-in 2.4M dot OLED EVF with eye sensor
• Electronic first-curtain shutter (cuts response time from 100ms to 20ms)
• ‘AVCHD Progressive’ 1080p60 HD movie recording with built-in stereo mic
• Tilting rear screen
• Three-dial user interface
• Built in flash and Alpha hotshoe
• Infra-red remote control receiver
• Microphone input socket

Overall conclusion

When the NEX-7 was first announced, it looked as though Sony had gathered together a set of enthusiasts’ wish lists and built a camera to exceed them all.
From the compact ‘rangefinder style’ body with its built-in electronic viewfinder, through the high resolution sensor offering 24MP stills and Full HD 60p video, to the triple-control-dial interface, it ticked all the right boxes on paper.
There’s little doubt that the NEX-7 is one of the most exciting cameras of 2011.
In the flesh, it lives up to almost all of that initial promise.
The EVF is excellent, stills image and video quality both superb, and the handling is remarkably good for such a small camera.
The use of three dials to control each of the main exposure parameters makes so much sense that it seems odd no-one’s done it quite like this before.
The fact that these dials can also be used to change a wide range of other settings, cycled through by pressing a button on the top plate, borders on genius.
In fact the NEX-7 is so good in so many respects that any criticism almost feels like nit-picking.
It’s not perfect, but then again no camera is, and its imperfections can generally be overcome.

αNEX Cameras:New Firmware Enables Translucent Mirror Adapter Compatibility

Nuovo aggiornamento firmware per la serie NEX:

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